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(五)外國專業人才及外國特定專業人才定義 Definition of "foreign professional" and "special professional"


"Foreign Professional" means foreigners doing professional works specified as follows:

  其中 「專業工作」包括:

"Professional work" means the following work:


Work as listed in Article 46 Paragraph 1 Subparagraphs 1 to 6 of the Employment Services Act.



Teachers of non-academic classes in short-term tutorial schools registered in accordance with the Supplementary Education Act.




"Special professional" means a person with special expertise, skill or ability of a kind needed by this country in the fields of science & technology, economy, education, culture, arts, sport, and others, the scope whereof shall be decided by the Executive Yuan.



Having combined the suggestions of each central government authority as to the definition of “special professional”, the NDC suggests the qualifying conditions listed below, but will subsequently still give consideration to opinions from all quarters, and set the applicable criteria in consultation with each relevant central competent authority.


One who has previously held, or currently holds, in another country or in Taiwan, a position with the most recent monthly salary in the top 25% of salaries of foreign professionals currently in Taiwan (an average of NT$160,000).



A person recommended by Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, or a foreign science & technology, economic & trade, or academic association that has signed a talent exchange MOU.



A senior executive or manager of an R&D center, operations HQ or transnational corporation set up in Taiwan.



A National Academy of Sciences academician or a scholar of national academician level.



A person of outstanding talent who has worked in government to promote a focal industry (such as high-tech, e-commerce, new materials, digital economy, green energy, and technology management), and is able to substantively promote industrial upgrading and transformation in Taiwan.



Others who are recognized by the relevant central competent authority as belonging to a category of professionals of which there is a shortage and for which there is extreme need in Taiwan, or who have special ability, skill or knowledge in science & technology, economics, education, culture, the arts, sports or other fields, and who have won international awards, and are beneficial to the interests of the Republic of China.



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