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國發會推動外國人才專法,鼓勵人才來臺並留臺!The NDC is planning a foreign talent act to encourage more foreign professional talent to work and live in Taiwan.

一、背景說明 Background


In this era of the globalized knowledge economy, having an adequate pool of high-quality human resources is at the core of a country's competitiveness. However, Taiwan is currently facing an external environment in which countries are competing intensely to attract international talent, while itself falling short in incentives to attract foreign professionals. As a result, its outflow and shortages of talent are growing more serious by the day.

Accordingly, this draft Act has been drawn up to help recruit and attract foreign professionals to come to engage in professional work and live in Taiwan, as a means of promoting the transformation of Taiwan's economy toward high-tech and high value-added orientation.


二、規劃重點 Planning Focuses

The program of “Perfect Taiwan's Environment for Retaining Talent”, approved by the Executive Yuan on October 19 this year, presented 27 reform strategies in seven major areas to address problems pertaining to foreign talent coming to and remaining in Taiwan plus 12 response strategies for matters therein involving amendments of law.
Also, in line with industrial development policy needs, while taking consideration of approaches in competitive countries such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, the U.S. and the UK, and under the principle of not changing the job qualifications and screening criteria for foreign talent to come to Taiwan, after consolidating the content and progress of related amendments of law by the competent government agencies, it mapped out liberalizations relating to visas, residence, insurance, naturalization, retirement and other aspects of their treatment, make Taiwan's work environment friendlier and thereby encourage talent to come to Taiwan and remain here.


(一)放寬外國人才工作許可相關規定 Relaxation of law relating to work permits for foreign professional talent

(二)放寬外國人才配偶與子女相關規定 Relaxation of law relating to foreign professional talent's spouses and children

(三)放寬外國學生及畢業生來臺實習規定 Easing of provisions for foreign students and graduates to come to Taiwan as interns

(四)放寬退休、健保及租稅相關規定 Relaxations concerning retirement, National Health Insurance, and tax

(五)外國專業人才及外國特定專業人才定義 The definitions of foreign professional talent and Special Professional


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